Fresh Air . . .

UFO Air Purifier

UFO Air Purifier is equipped with double ion generators. This feature enables the air cleaner to enhance the negative ion concentration, helps refresh the air and vitalizes your senses. The negative ion concentration setting with 2 levels increases the effectivity of the negative ions up to a distance of 9 meters.

The built-in UV lamp of the UFO Air Purifier sterilizes the air. It emits UV (c) rays and kills the bacterias, viruses and fungal spores by destroying their DNA structures.

You will have a peaceful summer by placing any mosquito repellent cartridge available on the market into UFO Air Purifier's specially designed socket. This function can also be utilized independently.

At the back of your air cleaner a fragrance chamber is available which can be filled with the perfume sold together with the product. You can adjust the fragrance release as desired.

The blue light of the air purifier can be turned on via remote control to illuminate dark places and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

All the functions displayed on the LCD control panel can also be activated through the remote control supplied together with the air purifier. Fan speed, the UV lamp, mosquito repellent function, blue light and the ion level can be adjusted easily.

You can use the control panel to adjust fan speed, negative ion level and to activate the UV lamp and the mosquito repellent. You can also see the room temperature and set the timer.

UFO Air Purifier has 3 different fan settings. Depending on the room size and pollution level, the desired performance can be selected.

The timer on the LCD panel gives you the option to choose between I, 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours of operation. The air purifier will shut off automatically after the set time has ended.

UFO Air Purifier has a sensor which registers and displays the room temperature on the LCD screen.


It performs filtration of big particles like pet dander, hair etc. and prevents them reaching the other filters. Pre-Filter can be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner or by washing with water. Replacement is not needed until it is deformed.


Prevents medium-sized particles like dust, pollen and textiles that can penetrate the Pre-Filter, reaching the HEPA filter and prevent decreasing its efficiency. While first particle filter stops particles with a size of 100 microns such as hair and textiles, second particle can filter pollutants larger than 50 microns such as dust and pollen. They can be cleaned by vacuum cleaners or by washing with water. Replacement is not needed until they are deformed.


Hepa filter can trap the particles and pollutants as small as 0,3 micron (1/300 size of human hair) with an efficiency of %99,97. It performs an effective filtration against allergens like bacteria, pollen, mites, molds, pollens as well as microorganisms that fall off human skin. Hepa filter can be partially cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Depending on the frequency of usage and filthiness of the environment, replacement is needed every year. An indicator label on the filter will show you if a replacement is needed or not.


Carbon filter can catch the gas molecules. It neutralizes the harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia, as well as odors and smoke. Carbon filter can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. It should be replaced every year, depending on the frequency of usage and pollution of the environment.


"Photocatalytic Oxidation" is achieved when UV rays combined with this filter. This process creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions which destroys bacteria, viruses, molds, smoke, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It cleans itself when left under the sun. This filter should be replaced every year together with the carbon filter.


It sterilizes the air by radiating UV beams with a wave length of 253,7 nm, which breaks DNA structure of the microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores and destroys them. At the same time, it prevents proliferation of microorganisms on the HEPA Filter. UV lamp has a 8000 hours life time and no maintenance needed. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency, it should be replaced when its life time has expired.


There are 2 powerful ion generators with a capacity of 2x7.000.000 ion/ cm3 in the device. Ion concentration is effective up to 9 meters by the help of the fan. Negative ions are the vitamins of the air. In addition to cleaning the ambient air, it has many contributions to our metabolism while breathing. Generators do not need any maintenance or replacement.